The guys from Craig’s did an excellent job. The owner, Al Vandersteen, dealt with us fairly and gave us a very competitive price for the work. His company works as the flooring subcontractor to some of the better builders in Northwest Indiana, and so has a lot of experience doing top-level work. Al came with his crew the first day and stayed long enough to see that all of the potential problems were identified and solutions worked out. His experienced crew took over from there, and did a magnificent job. As part of the work, we relocated two heating floor vents which had been positioned against the baseboard. The guys from Craig’s framed these beautifully within the new floor and installed oak registers which match the floor. When they were done laying the flooring, they sanded it and applied two coats of polyurethane (with a finish sanding in between) to produce a floor that is exemplary in appearance. We plan to have Craig’s back to refinish the rest of our floors!

John Twohy / Angie's List,